Plasma freezes after login

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Tue Sep 12 23:23:55 BST 2023

On Tuesday September 12 2023 14:35:19 Michael Eager wrote:

>I can log in remotely using SSH, into the same account with the locked 
>screen.  There's essentially zero CPU usage.  Plasmashell is running.
>Running "killall -u <user>" brings the system back to the login window.

It's surprising that you can't get to a virtual console; the shortcuts for that are handled by ConsoleKit, and they have often been my salvation if the X11 mouse or keyboard input/control got messed up.

/var/log/syslog may contain something useful, and there must be a logfile that has all the output from the startkde process that bootstraps your desktop and thus from every process that gets launched via the desktop shell. On my Trusty old system those logs live in ~/.cache/upstart, no idea where they are on a more modern system.


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