Can KWin prevent windows from raising themselves from their v.desktop to the current v.desktop?

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Wed Jan 18 13:15:08 GMT 2023

Am Fri, Dec 16, 2022 at 07:56:11AM -0500 schrieb rhkramer at
> On Thursday, December 15, 2022 11:20:50 PM Duncan wrote:
> > Options:
> > 
> > * Bring (existing) window to current virtual desktop
> > 
> > IIRC this is the new default, and seems to be the behavior you're
> > describing as unwanted.
> > 
> > * Switch to that virtual desktop (and raise the existing window there)
> > 
> > This is what I chose as it makes more sense to me.
> > 
> > Old and definitely confusing but arguably could-be-useful behavior, now
> > missing option:
> Definitely useful / preferred behavior for me.  As I'm going through my emails, 
> I click on links that I want to read later (usually after getting through some 
> portion of my emails).
> With my old versions of firefox (still in use) I am not distracted from my 
> email reading.
> […]
> Very distracting / aggravating.

Sorry, I’m a bit behind with ML reading. But I’ve also noticed this behaviour 
with firefox a while ago and it irks me as well. I just composed an issue on 
BKO, but now that I wrote down the essence of this thread, I couldn’t just 
send it and whine, because it made me ponder.

In which other use case do we not want to auto-raise the window? If, say, we 
double-click an image in Dolphin and want it opened in gimp, which sits on 
another desktop.

And this made me test it: I opened gimp on Desktop 1, Dolphin on Desktop 2, 
right-clicked an image and selected Open with… Gimp. And voilà: it showed 
the old behaviour: the gimp entry appeared on the taskbar and flashed. I 
clicked on it and was moved to Desktop 1.

So the problem we have with firefox is either a firefox problem, or the 
setting “Switch to that desktop” didn’t work. And with “Bring window to 
current Virtual Desktop”, the Gimp window has moved Desktop, but was not 
raised to the top. So I suspect a Firefox problem here, not Kwin.

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