konsole problems with utf8 characters

Frank Steinmetzger Warp_7 at gmx.de
Wed Jan 18 02:50:02 GMT 2023

Am Sun, Jan 08, 2023 at 09:11:05PM +0100 schrieb Patrick Nagel:
> Hi René,
> > >For me Konsole also doesn't show emojis and also many other characters
> > 
> > Attached the little file I use to test emoji rendering. all of which are rendered fine in my older konsole5 version (20.11.70) built against Qt 5.9, using the basic `cat` command to display it (but also in vim).
> Thanks, that's a useful test case. And actually it motivated me to dig a little deeper.
> screen didn't get any LANG and LC_ALL environment variables that specify a <...>.UTF-8 locale. It was an easy fix, once I knew where to look :)

Incidentally, I also had been having Emoji issues for a long time now—only 
seeing those monochrome smiley faces for some characters, but mostly blank 
squares. By happy accident I recently discovered that in Konsole profile 
settings under Appearance→Advanced, there is an own option for an Emoji 
font, which in my case was set to “-1”. So I selected a proper font (the 
pre-installed Noto Color Emoji) and with that I got a full list of images 
from the sample text.🥳

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