Dolphin replace/remove invalid chars in filename when copying to NTFS?

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Thu Jan 5 19:57:40 GMT 2023

On Thursday January 05 2023 14:18:19 clarjon1 wrote:

>Having just an automated autoreplace could result in poor results, esp
>if not explained to the user...


>"Some files contain characters not allowed by the destination file
>system (FilesystemTypeHere) and cannot be copied as-is. Manually
>rename the files below, click to allow auto-replacement of characters,
>or continue operation without those files

Autoreplace is not a good idea, not even when applied to the target files. The safest and simplest solution would be to replace the autoreplace proposal with one to pack the files in some standard archive (zip, 7z, ...) that can be configured via Dolphin's preferences or a popup dialog.
Archiving circumvents all possible cross-platform issues, or rather, postpones them to the unpacking stage on the target system where they have been solved already. Users can be expected to be familiar with how that works - and I wouldn't be surprised if MSWin has tricks up its sleeves to make officially invalid characters appear in file names (IIRC the initial support of "long" file names on FAT filesystems also worked with a lookup table).


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