Dolphin replace/remove invalid chars in filename when copying to NTFS?

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Thu Jan 5 11:38:50 GMT 2023

On Thursday January 05 2023 09:29:43 Alexander Puchmayr wrote:
>I just wanted to copy a bunch of files containing various characters like '?' 
>and ':' in their names to an NTFS drive with dolphin, and got lots of errors 
>because of that names. Dolphin does not remove those characters (or offer to do 
>so), the only option you have is abort.
>Of course, one could do that in a shell using pattern replacement, but the 
>average user, who is not familiar with those bash/aws/sed tricks, will prefer 
>a more convenient way. So is there a way of doing that in Dolphin?

AFAIK this was always handled at the filesystem driver level, possibly with some kind of mapping trick that would allow the user to see the original filename from the Unix side.

But there's also something to say for disallowing this altogether; it's good practice to use file names that are valid on all the (file)systems you want to use them with...


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