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Sat Oct 8 01:52:00 BST 2022

Jim posted on Thu, 6 Oct 2022 19:48:23 -0700 as excerpted:

> How do I change the color of the text in the message windows that plasma
> displays?  On my computer running Kubuntu 22.04 the text in the message
> windows is almost as black as the black background, thus its difficult
> to read. Does anyone know how to change it? Here's an example of what it
> looks like.

[Note that I run live-git-master for kde frameworks/plasma. With 
frameworks/plasma's active development 22.04 was some time ago, so the 
names/locations/etc I describe below might not quite match what you see.]

I believe that's part of the plasma style settings.  Look in kde-plasma's 
systemsettings under appearance, plasma style, load it directly with 
kcmshell5 desktoptheme, or type a keyword such as style or theme into 
krunner and pick plasma style from there.

You can choose one of the pre-shipped styles or use the GHNS (get hot new 
stuff, in this case get new global themes) button to find an appropriate 
user-created style to download.

FWIW, I still like and normally run the KTrans (=transparent) style (then 
called theme) I downloaded back in early kde4 times (when 
(semi-)transparent was the latest new thing but kde itself only shipped 
with semi-transparent plasma themes), as I really like its 100% 
transparent backgrounds.  The ktrans text/icon color is white, so 
nominally it works best with dark wallpaper.  However, with kwin's fade-
inactive effect configured, as long as something other than the desktop 
itself is active, that seems to fade even pure white wallpapers enough 
that the white-on-clear is readable.  YMMV.

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