Chrome interferes with KDE

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Wed Oct 5 00:38:21 BST 2022

On Tuesday October 04 2022 15:36:07 Jerome wrote:

>I keep about 20 tabs open across 2 Chrome windows, which doesn't seem like 

Indeed, I have more tabs in more Waterfox windows open.

>The Marvellous Suspender will free up RAM, but not X connections.

Not just RAM (plus evidently CPU cycles). Your Chrome session counted for more connections to the X server than the number of tab you have open, right? It's very likely that complex pages open multiple connections, for things like overlays, different compositing contexts etc. Before discovering The Great Suspender I would use Chrome's process manager to kill CPU and/or RAM hungry tabs without closing them; TSM works in a very similar way. The process corresponding to the page is killed, and the page replaced with something very simple; I have to assume this also means all "extraneous" connections to the X server are terminated (the ones in the browser process which keeps running; the ones in the killed process are released by definition).


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