Kmail "read" status recorded separately in inbox and gmail folders

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Sun May 15 11:35:31 BST 2022

On Saturday May 14 2022 19:03:41 Nathan Upchurch wrote:

>I have several gmail accounts set up in kmail via IMAP. When I click on an email from one of these IMAP accounts in either: 
>     *  Unified Mailboxes > Inbox, or 
>     *  IMAP Account Folder > Inbox, 
>the email is marked as read and the counter beside the folder decrements. The read status of the email, however, does not apply to the same email in /IMAP Account Folder > [Gmail] > (All Mail | Important)/, and I have to click on the email in both /All Mail/ and /Important /for the email status to change to /Read /in each of those folders. Any idea how to fix this?

Ian is right that you should ask on kdepim-users (I am thus cross-posting!), but if I read you correctly you're describing *expected* IMAP behaviour. It's a gmail quirk that their email labels (via the web UI) show up as email folders. A priori you cannot *move* a message from "All Mail" to any other folder (the action will be a *copy* instead). I know that's not a bug in KMail but I would also not consider it a bug if the application had a workaround.
Your issue sounds like something similar: someone saw a justification to implement a mechanism through which the *apparent* copies of a message in "All Mail" and wherever else you keep it can have different read statuses.

It's also not completely impossible that Google are experimenting with a new feature. The more important question is thus how the message appears in the gmail web UI >in both folders!< . It'd also be interesting to know how the status appears in KMail on another machine (or under a different account). There was a time when I think the *flagged* status did not sync back properly to GMail so a message flagged on one machine would not show up as such on the other. Or maybe KMail simply did not take remote changes to this property into account, so you'd also have to check how your KMail copy reacts to messages being marked un/read via the web interface; does the status change in KMail?


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