Kmail "read" status recorded separately in inbox and gmail folders

Nathan Upchurch nathan at
Sun May 15 01:03:41 BST 2022

Hi Everyone, 

I have several gmail accounts set up in kmail via IMAP. When I click on an email from one of these IMAP accounts in either: 
     *  Unified Mailboxes > Inbox, or 
     *  IMAP Account Folder > Inbox, 
the email is marked as read and the counter beside the folder decrements. The read status of the email, however, does not apply to the same email in /IMAP Account Folder > [Gmail] > (All Mail | Important)/, and I have to click on the email in both /All Mail/ and /Important /for the email status to change to /Read /in each of those folders. Any idea how to fix this?

Kind Regards,

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