Lost keyboard shortcut to KDE button

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Mon May 2 22:00:46 BST 2022

The KDE team should really improve this. It is really obnoxious how you can’t set the Meta key alone. Making tinkering with your interface much more difficult

> On May 2, 2022, at 05:41, Duncan <1i5t5.duncan at cox.net> wrote:
> Peter Humphrey posted on Wed, 20 Apr 2022 14:11:21 +0000 as excerpted:
>> Hello list,
>> While playing with task bars etc. I've managed to lose the Left Windows
>> key shortcut to open the task manager.
>> How can I get it back?
> I think this is what you're after.
> https://userbase.kde.org/Plasma/Tips#open-start-menu-with-windows-meta-key
> Tho FWIW, there's some entirely understandable naming confusion going on.
> No big deal here as (I think) I figured out what you were referring to,
> but if you have reason to mention the same things in other posts knowing
> what they're called can avoid some reader confusion trying to figure out
> what you're referring to, and similarly, should help if you end up wanting
> to try some of the other tips on the page linked above, as well.
> The individual widgets are sometimes called plasmoids because they run in
> the plasma shell, altho widgets is the more generic term, and what the
> labels in plasma call them in for instance the "Add Widgets" entry.  These
> are contained in, in this case, the panel, tho the desktop itself can
> contain widgets/plasmoids as well.
> "Task manager" generally refers to the specific "task manager" plasmoid,
> that is, the widget that displays the running application windows, not the
> whole "panel" container.
> Meanwhile, the K-menu aka Start-menu aka application launcher plasmoid is
> what normally has the Windows aka super aka hyper key assignment, altho
> activating it should popup the entire panel it's on, if it was hidden
> (autohide mode or windows can cover), and that panel normally contains a
> task manager plasmoid, a digital clock plasmoid, and others.
> And FWIW, there's several alternatives for most of these, an icons-only
> task manager, for instance, some clock alternatives (analog, fuzzy...),
> several different app-launcher styles, ..., all available either as part
> of KDE Plasma itself (there's a package called kdeplasma-addons with
> more), or for download using the Get New Widgets functionality under Add
> Widgets.  Available alternatives for individual widgets are available in
> the the context (aka right-click) menu under Show Alternatives.  Here,
> under alternatives for the Application Launcher, for instance, I have it
> listed, as well as Application Dashboard and Application Menu, with all
> three being (I believe) built-in options.  There's probably others
> available for download but I've never found the need to look, tho I've
> downloaded widgets/plasmoids for other things.
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