Lost keyboard shortcut to KDE button

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Mon May 2 10:41:00 BST 2022

Peter Humphrey posted on Wed, 20 Apr 2022 14:11:21 +0000 as excerpted:

> Hello list,
> While playing with task bars etc. I've managed to lose the Left Windows
> key shortcut to open the task manager.
> How can I get it back?

I think this is what you're after.


Tho FWIW, there's some entirely understandable naming confusion going on. 
No big deal here as (I think) I figured out what you were referring to, 
but if you have reason to mention the same things in other posts knowing 
what they're called can avoid some reader confusion trying to figure out 
what you're referring to, and similarly, should help if you end up wanting 
to try some of the other tips on the page linked above, as well.

The individual widgets are sometimes called plasmoids because they run in 
the plasma shell, altho widgets is the more generic term, and what the 
labels in plasma call them in for instance the "Add Widgets" entry.  These 
are contained in, in this case, the panel, tho the desktop itself can 
contain widgets/plasmoids as well.

"Task manager" generally refers to the specific "task manager" plasmoid, 
that is, the widget that displays the running application windows, not the 
whole "panel" container.

Meanwhile, the K-menu aka Start-menu aka application launcher plasmoid is 
what normally has the Windows aka super aka hyper key assignment, altho 
activating it should popup the entire panel it's on, if it was hidden 
(autohide mode or windows can cover), and that panel normally contains a 
task manager plasmoid, a digital clock plasmoid, and others.

And FWIW, there's several alternatives for most of these, an icons-only 
task manager, for instance, some clock alternatives (analog, fuzzy...), 
several different app-launcher styles, ..., all available either as part 
of KDE Plasma itself (there's a package called kdeplasma-addons with 
more), or for download using the Get New Widgets functionality under Add 
Widgets.  Available alternatives for individual widgets are available in 
the the context (aka right-click) menu under Show Alternatives.  Here, 
under alternatives for the Application Launcher, for instance, I have it 
listed, as well as Application Dashboard and Application Menu, with all 
three being (I believe) built-in options.  There's probably others 
available for download but I've never found the need to look, tho I've 
downloaded widgets/plasmoids for other things.

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