Question about screen resolution in plasma 5 using x11 and a 4 K monitor arrangement.

Stakanov stakanov at
Sun Mar 13 18:10:14 GMT 2022

In data domenica 13 marzo 2022 13:21:57 CET, René J.V. Bertin ha scritto:
> On Sunday March 13 2022 09:55:31 Stakanov wrote:
> >Obviously the problem is not the graphics card, nor the monitor and the
> >monitor is branched with DP on DP.
> >The other monitor is a smaller Medion MD20666 which runs with 60 Hz on its
> >native resolution (1920x1080).
> Have you tried using each monitor separately?
> It's my experience that XOrg doesn't always detect OR present the full range
> of resolutions. A typical one being missing from the list is the quite
> common 1366x768 resolution of (democratically priced ^^) small screens.
> The solution is to define the resolution you want via xrandr and then add it
> to the monitor where it's missing:
> For instance, to ensure I can run a distro on an external drive in 
VIrtualBox without messing up my desktop layout:
> > xrandr --verbose --newmode "1366x768" 85.25 1366 1440 1576 1784 768 771
> > 781 798 -hsync +vsync xrandr --verbose --addmode Virtual1 "1366x768"
> Note that this apparently works at the screen level, but I presume the
> resolutions you mentioned were just that, not the union of resolutions of
> both screens. I also don't know how to obtain the various numbers other
> than by querying xrandr on a system that does recognise the resolution
> you're looking for.
> R.
I had the doubt it could be because the Lenovo uses DP native and the Medion 
uses DP to HDMI cable (which is within the specs for the resolution following 
Lenovo, but might run into the problem you describe. I will try to do this. 

Yes, I have separate desktop and monitor layout not a "common screen", were 
Lenovo is the dominant the other the secondary screen. 

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