May 30th 2022, Google and IMAP

Renรฉ J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Fri Mar 4 16:35:54 GMT 2022

On Friday March 04 2022 09:31:18 A. F. Cano wrote:

>Well, not remote and not managed for you,  but the next release
>(migrating to stable in a few days) of FreedomBox
>(, is finally adding a mail server.

That would mean running a server that you need to be able to access from wherever you want to read your email? Not really what I'm looking for, I'd rather have something that is either provided by a 3rd party or that I can run on my laptop (Mac or Linux).

>I am curious, isn't the filtering and sorting into folders a function of
>the client? Doesn't Kmail do that? 

KMail can, but if the server can do it you don't have to set up the filtering rules in every imap client you might use (and having 2 or more running at the same time might be problematic with that).

>One of the reasons I'm not using gmail any more is the constant changes
>and the collection of information (in the name of security) by google.  

GMail only gets information from me that I don't mind exposing to them. As I said, email is inherently insecure. Having to expose a server in my LAN is a much bigger potential security risk, I fear.

On Friday March 04 2022 16:01:37 Patrick Nagel wrote:
>I guess you're referring to Google forcing OAuth instead of username/password authentication? Care to post a link to that announcement?

Activate "insecure access" and you'll get an email... Here are the contents:

>Pretty sure there is a way to make KMail4 work as well with OAuth. Probably something like should work. But then again, what's wrong with KMail5? ๐Ÿ˜€ (it can even insert emojis, see? ๐Ÿ˜‰)

There's probably nothing wrong with KMail5 if you're one of the people for whom it never acts up, and if you don't mind the fact it uses QtWebEngine which is vastly overkill for rendering simple html email. When they refused even to consider supporting QtWebkit as well I more or less vowed I would never upgrade (also because going back from an upgrade is basically impossible).
There's also the fact that I have a few custom mods in KMail, like an option not to select any message when changing to a new folder, and that I currently build and package all my KF5 stuff myself. Which would be a lot of work for KDEPIM5...

I did remember though that I probably disabled the insecure access from a secondary account and configured KMail4 on one of my machines to work with that. Possibly because this was announced a (long) while ago. I'll just have to find which machine and which account, plus remember how I did it.


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