how to autohide the panel?

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Wed Mar 2 10:50:57 GMT 2022

On Wednesday March 02 2022 10:25:45 Peter Humphrey wrote:
>Wouldn't it be easier, and save all this difficulty, if the logic were changed 
>so that the panel, once hidden, stays that way until ...

Simpler maybe, but that would a) require all the devs who ever worked on this to eat their pride and b) assume that everyone appreciates the simpler behaviour.

This list isn't very active and already there were a few people who stated that "it works for them"; impossible to tell if they represent the consensus out there, or we.

The safe approach would be to add the simpler logic as an option, just like "focus follows mouse" has complexity options in KWin.


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