how to alter the keyboard layout?

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Sun Feb 27 08:42:31 GMT 2022

hw posted on Sat, 26 Feb 2022 15:58:22 +0100 as excerpted:

> Hi,
> how do I alter the keyboard layout for plasma on wayland sessions?
> I need to put Alt on the left menu key, a dot on the Delete key on the
> number pad (instead of a comma) and a slash on the '+' key (wich is
> right to the 'ΓΌ' key)?  I used to do that with an xmodmap,
> but of course that doesn't work anymore with wayland.
> There must be files somewhere that define all the various keyboard
> layouts you can pick from, but where are they?  That kind of information
> must not be hidden from the users and should be shown in the settings
> ...

Some of that can be configured in plasma's systemsettings, hardware, input 
devices, keyboard, advanced.  (That's where it is on live-git plasma, 
anyway, specific path may differ on old plasma.)

There's an expander for alt and win key behavior, and another for numeric 
keypad delete behavior.  I expect they'll do what you need.

Beyond that, I've seen /hints/ that some of the X tools still work for 
keyboard config, etc, and of course there's libinput's standardization 
which is based on the older evdev.  But my knowledge is limited enough on 
that that you can probably google it as efficiently as I could, so...

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