how to autohide the panel?

hw hw at
Sun Feb 27 01:09:06 GMT 2022

On Thu, 2022-02-24 at 01:34 -0600, vicepresident at wrote:
> I haven't had this issue on any of my machines, but have you tried re-creating 
> the panel, or wayland vs X11?

Wayland is the reason that I switched from fvwm to kde.  It still doesn't
work with NVIDIA, but I have a Radeon card now and it works.  Even the
panel now hides.  Now I'm wondering how to get rid of the transparancy
in dolphin and some other windows ...  what a totally stupid idea is it
to make windows transparent??

>  It looks like there are a few similar bug 
> reports[1], but I imagine this issue may be present for different reasons on 
> different systems. It may be worth checking system logs also.

Maybe it's because of NVIDIA.

> And not to get off topic, but I'd be interested to know what problems you're having with 
> kmail? My experience has been really good with it.

Kmail keeps messing up it's database, even when using mariadb.  That
must be badly programmed since it doesn't even distinguish upper and
lower case for table names ...

Kmail --- or aconadi --- just doesn't work.  Besides, it's really awful
because it creates files with settings all over the place so it's even
very difficult to get rid of all the settings when you want to start over
with kmail.  That's the kind of mess which is one of the reasons not
to use windows since windows 3.1.

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