how to autohide the panel?

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Wed Feb 23 19:52:37 GMT 2022

On Wednesday February 23 2022 19:12:51 Patrick Nagel wrote:

>> Is there a way to get the panel to automatically hide like it's
>> supposed to?  How is it possible that even simple things like
>> this still aren't working after 25 years or so of KDE?
>Your post would have been more useful if you had stated the Plasma version 
>you're using


>and if you had omitted that last sentence ;)

Not really, because inquiring minds do want to know! And FWIW, I'm sure the OP uses a much newer version than the good old Plasma4 I've been sticking to (for the desktop shell).

I recall having read an explanation a couple of year back, that must have included Stephen's assumptions about notifications. I also recall having thought "why do easy if you can do complicated". AFAIK the panel doesn't have to come out of hiding if there's a notification, and esp. it doesn't have to remain unhidden.


PS: I also no longer use autohide. Instead, I use "windows can go in front" or whatever it's called. That seems to work more reliably and is even a bit more useful (I don't necessarily have to unhide the panel to see the time, for instance) though it too can be annoying. There I times I trigger it because of cursor overshoot, there are times where it won't go back (presumably because of a notification) and sometimes I need to try several times to trigger it.

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