KDE Neon and sound

Dennis Heuer einz at verschwendbare-verweise.dennis-heuer.de
Mon Apr 25 20:31:18 BST 2022


Don't want a bugtracker account...

I use KDE Neon on a BioStar A68N-5600E and the soundboxes always bang
between youtube videos (not exclusively). The problem occurs immediately
after sound was virtually off. I found an unrelated option in the
energy management section of the KDE System Manager. When I turned it
on and off and then confirmed, the sound problem was gone. However,
beginning yesterday, the trick ain't work anymore.

I think it's an initialization problem. Can I somehow tinker this
manually? I guess, the energy management is somewhat too quick in
decision taking!?

Dennis Heuer <einz at verschwendbare-verweise.dennis-heuer.de>

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