How to make Dolpin remember window positions for the next session

Andreas Gungl a.gungl at
Sat Apr 2 15:20:03 BST 2022


Until end of last year I could keep several Dolphin windows open when logging
out of the KDE session, and size and position had been remembered when staring
a new session.

Since around January, the size is somehow remembered, but all open windows are
reopened at the same position on the display (though at the correct virtual
I thought of this as a temporary bug, but it hasn't resolved until now for me
(using version 21.12.3 at the moment).

So the situation is: I have for example a Dolpin window for my home folder and
another Dolpin window for let's say /tmp opened side by side. When logging out
and in again, they are opened with the same size one behind another. I have to
move one window to be able to see the other.
This persits across any logout / login sequence and is annoying compared to
what could be done before.

Is there any setting I'm missing, or can't I go back to my preferred behavior?

Best regards,

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