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René J.V. Bertin posted on Mon, 25 Oct 2021 14:27:29 +0200 as excerpted:

> On Monday October 25 2021 11:51:24 Duncan wrote:
>>Heh, not crazy-res as in dpi, actually rather low dpi, but crazy big...
>>Try two 75"/1.9m 4k TVs as monitors.  Literally a /wall/ of screen! =:^)
> Still pretty high dpi effectively, when you've moved back far enough to
> be able to take it all in ;)

I actually don't (take it all in), at least not all at once.

I'm decently under a meter away from the centers (~2-3 feet, 2/3-1 
meter), toward the bottom, and typically do a 2x2 window-grid on the 
right "working" monitor (1860x1080 with a panel on the far right), often 
with a full 75"-screen video playing on the left monitor.  FWIW the 
monitors are anchored to the wall on telescoping mounts and angled 
slightly in. 

My focus is most often on the one of those 2x2-grid windows at the bottom-
left of the right screen, and I have to move my head to see the full left-
hand screen.  The panel to the far right is in peripheral view but that's 
it unless I focus on it (which I can /almost/ do with just an eye 
movement when I'm already centered on the lower left of the same screen).

While I can focus up or to the right of the left-hand screen reasonably 
easily, I tend to use kwin's zoom/pan effects to move the right-hand 
stack, and /sometimes/ the left-top window of the four, closer.

I have another bug filed because krunner on wayland insists on centering 
on the left screen (because wayland has no concept of primary screen so 
it always centers horizontally on the left-top of multi-monitor setups, 
and can be set top or ~1/3 down that screen vertically but not bottom), 
which as I say there is more in line with my ear than my eye at regular 
focus.  Fortunately I have a hack-patch for that as well, positioning it 
at the bottom-right of the left-hand screen, so it's not in the way of my 
working windows tho it does cover up the corner of the video or whatever 
else I have on the left screen.

On wayland it's possible to set scale under 1, so I experimented with 
scaling to say .5 and having even *more* screen real estate available at 
"bird's eye view", then zooming in to normal for usual work, etc, and may 
have kept that were I still running 42" 1080p FHDs, but decided it wasn't 
worth it on the 75" displays, especially since scaling either side of 
100% isn't entirely bug-free anyway.

> Last time I used a TV as a monitor was in my C64 days - and even that
> didn't last long (meaning we got a proper monitor, the computer lasted
> me a bit longer :) )
> Nowadays I do the opposite (saves us from paying the "TV tax" O:-) )

No TV tax in the US, and above say 27" TVs are cheaper than computer 
monitors, tho until DTV it wasn't worth the low refresh.  But while 60 Hz 
refresh isn't great even on DTV, it's tolerable enough that I'm choosing 
it over the smaller screen or out-of-economic-range choice I'd have for 
proper computer monitors.  And they're not great quality TVs; I bought 
pretty much the first ones I could get at $1000 each for 4k-UHD/75".  
Samsung series 7 I believe.  The LED backlight stripes are visible 
especially with bright scenes on one (which is also worse color), tho 
it's not as noticeable with motion and that's the one I use for youtube, 
etc.  But it's still preferable to the older but better quality 65" 4k in 
the closet as backup. =:^)

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