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Dave Close dave at
Mon Oct 25 00:44:30 BST 2021

As I've written before, my new installation has KDE 5.22. Previously,
I've had earlier versions along with regular updates; all of them are
now also at 5.22. But it appears as though an updated version does
not work the same as a new installation of the same version. To me,
that is unacceptable.

For example, on my other systems, I have a keyboard shortcut to go
to the next or previous virtual desktop. I can't find a way to set
that on the new install. It does have CTRL-Fx to go to a specific
desktop but that is not what I want.

I love that KDE, and Linux generally, gives me lots of choices so
I can make a system work the way I like. Unfortunately, it's a bit
like spending hours on an airline flight trying to decide which of
the hundreds of available movies to watch, then landing before the
eventual selection finishes, or even starts. Finding how to set a
desired option can take a lot of time, especially when the selection
mechanism is "improved" so things aren't where experience says they
should be. You know, Unix filesystems solved some of that with symbolic
links. There's nothing wrong with having more than one way to change
a setting, both the "old" way and an arguably better "new" way.

I once was a strong proponent of Firefox but now I seek other browsers.
I'm not unhappy with it's performance, it's that they make gratuitous
changes that remove features. Once upon a time, I could change Firefox
so that menus were shown in words, not pictures. Not any more. I
learned to read but I never learned the meanings of all the silly
pictures, different on nearly every system or application. Hovering
is not an acceptable substitute when words can do the job directly. I
do hope that the new "icons-only" task manager is not a portent of the
future of KDE as that would mean I'd need to find another environment.

Sorry for the rant. I didn't start out to write so much. All I really
wanted was some way to configure a keyboard shortcut to select the
next virtual desktop.
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