kate: set buffer read-only

hw hw at adminart.net
Mon May 10 11:58:03 BST 2021

On 5/10/21 11:34 AM, René J.V. Bertin wrote:
> On Monday May 10 2021 01:08:55 hw wrote:
>> Autosave means to save a copy of a file, not overwriting the file that
>> has been modified and not saved.  Does kate overwrite files when
>> autosaving them?
> I'll admit I never checked for Kate but for the past 2.5 decades "autosave" has always meant "save the file automatically" in the productivity software I used. As I said, Kate *also* has a cache file where unsaved changes are saved, which is always active and would correspond to what you think autosave means.

I haven't checked, either.  It seems obvious that unsaved changes do not 
overwrite a file that has been modified when autosave is enabled.  What 
if you later decide not to save the changes and want to reload the file?

Libreoffice does autosave by default, and it doesn't overwrite.  It 
would be really bad if it did.  If a cache file is used or if a copy is 
being made doesn't matter.

What software do you use?  I would avoid it.

> I'm not interested in going any further down your rabbit hole. Have fun there - maybe you'll find your own Wonderland.

That's a typical reaction which tells me what kind of bottom you are at.

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