kate: set buffer read-only

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Sun May 9 09:58:55 BST 2021

On Sunday May 09 2021 00:10:38 hw wrote:

>Can that be deactivated per buffer?  Not that I would want to do that; 
>autosaving is a good feature, and I don't see how turning it off could 
>be useful for protecting buffer contents from being accidentially altered:

Simple, really: if you always save *yourself* to commit any conscious changes you made, you can reload the document from disc if you have doubts about any unsaved changes.
Autosave is a global setting, not per-document ... and why would it be anything other? Than again I never understood why people would use emacs instead of vi O:-)

>(The duration of emacs sessions is usually the 
>same as the uptime of the machine, and that can be more than a year.)

Sounds like you're trying to make Kate behave like emacs, and that you'd be better off using emacs in a terminal emulator. That's probably going to be faster too, and way less RAM hungry in case you're keeping the editor open for more than a year. Or use a pager like `less` that has a shortcut to open the document in an editor if you want to make a change.

You did select the "Mouse Precedence" type of "Focus follows Mouse" in KWin's settings, right? There are 2 stricter levels but if those aren't enough to make KWin handle focus as you wish, there are plenty of other WMs out there (I find xfwm4 a good one that doesn't get in my way).


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