kate: set buffer read-only

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Sat May 8 10:38:01 BST 2021

On Friday May 07 2021 14:41:03 J Leslie Turriff wrote:
>	The only thing I can find for this in Kate is Menu => Tools => Read-Only Mode.  There is
>no command-line switch for this, nor can I find a DCOP function that toggles the setting;
>so one would have to first open the document, then use the Tools menu to disable writing,
>which seems quite error-prone. :-(
>	It is, of course, possible that I've overlooked something.

Yeah, you didn't go into Tools/Configure Shortcuts, and you'll find you can add it to the main toolbar of the "KatePartView" via Tools/Configure Toolbars.

I have another protection against accidental changes: deactivate auto-saving. Any Kate-based editor will show you if your document has been modified, and even without auto-saving there's still some sort of backup that will allow you to restore unsaved changes in case of a crash.


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