How to stop Dolphin from updating access times

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Wed Apr 7 11:05:41 BST 2021

On Wednesday April 07 2021 09:59:15 Moritz Petersen wrote:

>Well, a basic directory listing is essentially what I want from 
>dolphin, right?

>You don't need to access a file to know it's size 
>and timestamps for example

For the size I agree, but at least some of the timestamps are probably stored at the file level (instead of at the directory level). I assume that reading extended attributes will also update the atime stamp.

>need to do so to display them. But then again you already need to 
>read magic numbers to make sensible assumptions about the type of 
>content. Empty files probably weren't the most realistic test 

Actually, they would be to exclude the idea that magic imprints could be involved. A sensible "magic" implementation wouldn't try to read those from empty files ;)

>Looks like atime just isn't as useful as I had hoped it would 
>be. I'm going to go for a different solution.

I was going to point out that there are ways to enable atime only for certain directory trees but apparently that's a moot point now :)

>No, I do not have that panel enabled. I have also disabled all 
>info columns, no change.

The devs may have decided simply to read all data instead of adding tests (for what's enabled) in multiple locations.


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