Connecting a TV via HDMI

J Leslie Turriff jlturriff at
Sun Sep 13 01:00:49 BST 2020

On 2020-09-11 00:51:54 Dave Close wrote:
> Dan Armbrust wrote:
> > Many laptops still have a hardware key - typically a "Fn" + a
> > number key that oggles the laptop hardware between laptop screen,
> > laptop screen mirror to hdmi, and laptop screen and hdmi as distinct
> > monitors.
> >
> > Try playing with that... before going into the kde settings -
> > hopefully it shows up as two devices then...
> Excellent idea. Now all I have to do is decipher the meanings of the
> little pictures on the keys. No manual comes with the laptop... Some
> are fairly obvious but others are Greek to me. Thanks. I'll post a
> follow-up sometime tomorrow.

	See page 31 in this:

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