Kontact freezes on wayland

Stakanov stakanov at disroot.org
Fri Oct 23 19:31:33 BST 2020

In data venerdì 23 ottobre 2020 20:08:42 CEST, Ihor Antonov ha scritto:
> Hi KDE folks.
> Sorry if this is sent to the wrong ML.
> I am using latest stable KDE Neon with recent Plasma 5.20.1. Everything
> works great on X11.
> On wayland sesstion Kontact application freezes shortly after start (but
> still can be closed if click the cross in the window title). This is 100%
> reproducible problem.
> Does anybody know if this can be fixed somehow?
> Thanks

I know there is a dedicated KDE PIM user group, that, I suspect, may give the 
right answer. Do not ask me for the way to write in... I did forget to 
register and I am in the moment not able to help you on it. But if you search 
for KDE PIM user group (as opposed to developers) you might find what you 
wish. Also you have the possibility to raise a more specific bug report on 
bugzilla but time frames may be prohibitive. 

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