Years later, kmail still is not a viable email client?

J.B. Nicholson jbn at
Sat Oct 17 02:27:33 BST 2020

dragon at wrote:
> Now after years I again try to use kmail again (since Thunderbird butchered the PGP 
> and its integrated support if it is subpar).
> But kmail again stops working after short while - all emails are in "Connection 
> Established" state (in config - accounts - receiving).

I can't get KMail to add my IMAP account and I don't understand why. I give it the 
account credentials, the FQDNs of the IMAP server and the SMTP server, and then I see 
an empty progress bar under "Setting up account..." which never moves. The 
"Details..." button reveals an empty log of activity (all white screen where I assume 
I'm supposed to see a log of what happened between KMail and my IMAP and/or SMTP 
servers as KMail authenticates and gathers folder and mail information).

I'm confused as to why KMail does apparently nothing here: I know the data I'm giving 
KMail is valid because Thunderbird works fine with the same credentials. Other 
command-line clients also work with the same credentials connecting to the same 
IMAP/SMTP hosts.

If anyone has any tips for adding an account to KMail in another way, please post a 

I'll try making a movie of the Account Assistant window to submit a bug.

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