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> I'm out of date with my coding skills, but could jump into some Python
> based projects today if I didnt' feel KDE was going the absolute wrong
> direction.

I switched to KDE around ten years ago. Some of those years weren't great
for KDE, but I have to say that KDE has really come on strong recently and
the project has been incredibly impressive lately. I feel 2020 has been one
of KDE's best years. The momentum around KDE feels very powerful. A lot of
people, me included, think KDE is heading in a great direction.

As a KDE user for so many years, there were times when I felt like the
other DE's were getting all the attention, but now it seems (at least from
the comments I read online) that KDE is widely recognized and appreciated
by users for its great quality and features. I think it is even fair to say
KDE is considered the premier DE for Linux now. Even if that opinion is not
as widely held as it seems, the air of success around the project is strong
and this is an indication that the project is going in the right direction,
as well as an indication of the quality of the work produced.

I am the happiest I have been with KDE in ten years. Thanks so much to
everyone who works on this project!

BTW, I mainly use KDE on desktop and laptop computers, but I expect to be
using KDE on my phone soon.
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