Years later, kmail still is not a viable email client?

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Thu Oct 15 11:57:47 BST 2020

On Wed, Oct 14, 2020 at 05:22:59PM -0500, Draciron Smith wrote:

> First on principle. The integrated PIM is mostly obsolete. Phones today
> have the CPU horsepower desktops had back when KDE 3 was embarked upon. A
> phone is a natural place to do contact management.

So it uses just another kind of integrated PIM (as in: integrated with the
accounts architecture of Android). There are Account providers, cache
backends and viewers.

> Getting ISPs to continue support for POP3 & IMAP is like pulling teeth and
> when you do get support you gat ONE email address.

What do phone e-mail clients use as their backend? Don’t tell me they open
the web interface and parse its output.

I had my problems with KMail, too, back in 2009 or so. At that time I moved
to mutt (which is still my main MUA to this day because it is so damn fast
with mass mail handling). But I still use Kontact for PIM stuff and also
KMail when I am not in the mood for the terminal.

> KDE 4, I disable Akondi, 4 gigs of RAM on this machine. 2 gigs fo RAM on 2
> other machines running KDE 4 with Akondi disabled. Worked great. Ubuntu
> 14.04 LTS goes out of support. I have to upgrade to 16.04 and KDE 5 and my
> 2 Gig machines barely boot. My 4 Gig machine acts like I'm running WIn 95.

Well, I was using KDE 4 and 5 – including PIM – on an Asus Eeepc with an
Atom N450, which is an in-order-SMT CPU. It worked back then. Hell, I was
using Gentoo on that, too (OK, I admit, I used distcc to do the heavy
I started it up the other day and did an update (by now running Arch Linux).
Firefox took 20 seconds to load a few years ago but was usable after that.
It has now reached a point where it has become unusable. Software complexity
(sadly) progresses constantly upwards. But even my raspi 3 is now faster
than that netbook. I did a comparison by 7z'ing a 100 MB PDF. The netbook
did it in 1′40″, the raspi took shy of a minute!

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