"Only quote selected text when replying" feature not working in Kmail

Matt Connell matt at connell.tech
Sun Jun 21 07:34:02 BST 2020

Apologies if this is not the correct place for this posting, and feel
free to point me to the right location

When I enable the "only quote selected text when replying" feature under
Configure -> Composer -> General, the reply behavior doesn't seem to
change.  That is to say, if I try to select a line of text, and reply
(as one would do with a mailing list, for example), the reply window
quotes the entire message instead.  I've tried unchecking and rechecking
the box, with an 'apply' in after each change, to no avail.

Is this a bug?  How can I troubleshoot/fix this?

Kmail Version 5.13.3 (19.12.3) (according to the about panel) on Gentoo
Linux, with OpenRC profile selected.


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