Plastik window decorations

Peter Humphrey peter at
Mon Jun 8 10:31:58 BST 2020

On Sunday, 31 May 2020 11:32:22 BST Peter Humphrey wrote:
> Morning all,
> System Settings | Application Style | Window Decorations | Plastik ? It's
> gone. Searching for it via Get New Window Decorations and installing it
> brings it back, or something like it. But after logging out and in it's
> gone again.
> Something is broken here. Can I install the window decorations I like, or
> not? And why has Plastik gone? What other set is available that does not
> waste great slabs of screen space the way Breeze and Oxygen do?

For the record, it was kwin that was broken. Today's update installed 
kwin-5.18.5-r3 and the problem has been fixed.

I don't know whether this was a Gentoo problem or further upstream.


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