Can't Remove KMail Header Themes and Import Wizard apps

J Leslie Turriff jlturriff at
Fri Jun 5 08:41:41 BST 2020

On 2020-06-04 08:39:59 mikejrandazzo11 wrote:
> Hey, so the other day I installed KMail from the Software Store on Fedora
> Linux. When I opened the main KMail app, it didn't work, so I pressed the
> remove button in the software store. It removed the main KMail app; but it
> didn't remove KMails Header and Import Wizard apps. Can you guys please
> help me get rid of them?
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	If you know what RPM files contain(ed) those parts, you can use which or
whereis to search for them in the executables list, then delete them.
	Use rpm -q --filesbypkg <filename>.rpm to find their names.  (You might have
to reinstall the RPM files just to get that info.)


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