Jerry jerry at seibercom.net
Wed Jul 8 12:46:47 BST 2020


With a freshly updated ports tree, when I attempt to run poudriere to
update the installed ports, I am greeted with this warning:

[00:00:21] Ignoring net/qt5-network | qt5-network-5.15.0: is marked as broken: Qt5 requires Openssl 1.1.1, upgrade to FreeBSD 12.x/13.x or add DEFAULT_VERSIONS+=ssl=[openssl|libressl*] to /etc/make.conf

Subsequently, 339 ports are skipped, and now I cannot get 'X' to start.
I have "DEFAULT_VERSIONS+=ssl=openssl" in both the '/etc/make.conf'
file and the 'poudriere.d/make.conf' file.

$ openssl version
OpenSSL 1.1.1g  21 Apr 2020

I cannot install version 12 or 13 of FreeBSD because of an unsquashed
bug, "https://bugs.freebsd.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=237666"

How can I correct this problem?


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