What is the bugs.kde.org component for the directory selector?

J.B. Nicholson jbn at forestfield.org
Fri Jul 3 18:15:34 BST 2020

I wish to read bugs and file some improvement and usability bugs on bugs.kde.org 
against the directory selector.

In case you don't know which window I'm referring to, it's the window that comes up 
when you're asked to select a directory to move a file or directory into (say, in 
Dolphin). This panel doesn't accept a filename, only a directory path. I imagine that 
this is a part of KDE and many KDE apps use this window for the same purpose.

What's the name of that component?

I ask here because it's not obvious to me and I'd like to file against the proper 
component rather than implicitly ask someone to move my bugs.kde.org filing to the 
proper component for me.

If this is instead better handled in Qt, please direct me to the right place to look 
up relevant bugs in Qt and I'll review those bugs instead.


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