freeze problem with dolphin 2.2

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Thu Sep 26 08:16:44 BST 2019

On Thursday September 26 2019 07:46:22 Alexander Bruns wrote:

>We have huge network-shares mounted with NFS4 and if I browser a share 
>with dolphin, it taket between 10 and 240 minutes

The root cause seems to be with how NFS is set up. Part of that may be kernel-level because I myself have never managed to get out of freezes ("even" on the command line) on the Linux side if a remote server is suspended. But there are ways to mount an NFS share that make it possible to interrupt operations, and also to reduce the required bandwidth. NFS can be very resource-intensive; years (20+) ago I managed to cause network-wide problems because I had 2 Unix workstations that mounted shares from each other.
Maybe there are other ways to get at remote data from within Dolphin, e.g. using the fish: (ssh) or smb: protocols, or does RHEL offer an OpenAFS implementation?

Have you checked if sizes are also calculated when the size column is not being shown?

>Please, if you suggest to use newer RHEL-Version or newer KDE-Versions, 
>this will not help us. Its not possible to us.

So if someone were to come up with a patch for the version you are using now there is no way you get that applied (somewhat) officially?

Either way, if you're stuck with a commercial Linux version I would hope that means that there is some kind of maintenance/support contract on it. So if local configuration tweaks (in dolphin and or NFS mount parameters) don't work and there is also no option to use a different file browser (Nautilus?) AND you really need one to be productive, then your next step should be to convince the powers that be to file a bug report with RH and get the issue resolve with the support you're paying for.

Is there a RHEL community where you could get help?


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