freeze problem with dolphin 2.2

Alexander Bruns mailinglisten at
Thu Sep 26 06:46:22 BST 2019

Hi KDE-Users,

we have to stick to an old version of KDE at work, because we use RHEL7 
with KDE 4.14.8 and dolphin 2.2.

We are not allowed to install external newer KDE-releases. What is not 
shipped with RHEL we cannot use.

We face difference between dolphin 2.2 and konquerer 4.14.8 concerning 

We have huge network-shares mounted with NFS4 and if I browser a share 
with dolphin, it taket between 10 and 240 minutes

It does not react again after entering the shared directory. It is 
frozen, no menues work.

In konquerer the same share is slow, but works or even in a terminal 
window a ls works.

Is there a way to setup dolphin to stop analysing the share and collect 
data about sizes. this seems to be the root cause of the freezing.

For us it is not useable.

Please, if you suggest to use newer RHEL-Version or newer KDE-Versions, 
this will not help us. Its not possible to us.

The question is, if there is a way to change the behaviour or not for 
this old version.


Alexander Bruns

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