KFusion style

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Sat Sep 21 15:07:28 BST 2019


A while back I asked for some guidance in getting the Fusion style to inherit KStyle. Apparently there was no real interest in doing such a thing so in the end I rolled my own implementation, using a private, adapted copy of the KStyle class.

Contrary to that I thought, you cannot override the built-in Fusion style so I had to name my "new" style "KFusion", a pun on "KDE Fusion" and "confusion" (though the style will load as "Fusion" too, when Qt was built without the internal style).

Visible differences:
- better KDE integration through (optional) use of KStyle
- respects the ButtonsHaveIcons setting
- no double document-modified indicators on Mac
- no hardcoded highlight colour on Mac (the highlight/selection colour is about the only configurable colour there)

Feel free to use and/or bundle with binaries that use the Fusion style in order to have an acceptable, consistent cross-platform look and feel.


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