Capslock / Numlock indicator not work in KDE (& sddm)

Franklin Weng franklin at
Sat Nov 23 11:58:00 GMT 2019


I'm using Debian testing and run KDE Plasma 5 (Framework 5.62.0, Qt
5.12.5, xcb window system, Application 19.08.1, kde-plasma-desktop
version 5:104).  Originally the indicator worked: in sddm login screen
it would show warning when Capslock is ON; after logging into Plasma
session a small icon would show beside the system tray when Capslock is
ON.  However from some day it didn't work anymore.

The current status of my system is:

  * In sddm login screen, the Capslock ON warning *always* shows.
  * In Plasma the keyboard indicator plasmoids
    (org.kde.plasma.keyboardindicator) shows nothing no matter what the
    capslock/numlock status is.
  * Using xset -q I can get *correct* Capslock/Numlock status.  Using
    xev I can see events of Capslock key being pressed and released.

It looks like no problem in X window level, but the status does not pass
to sddm/plasma correctly. 

Any idea or suggestion for finding or fixing the problem?

Regards, Franklin

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