KDE/Qt based XMPP/Jabber client with OMEMO encryption?

Martin Steigerwald martin at lichtvoll.de
Mon Jul 29 22:10:11 BST 2019


I tried to find something like Conversations on Android for Linux.

I found something, dino.im, but it is GTK based and it is not possible 
to have it minimize to systray on window close.

PSI is supposed to have it, but the version packaged in Debian Sid does 
not appear to support it. It is 1.3-5 which should be the most recent 

Does Kopete have it meanwhile? I only tested with ancient 17.08 version 
available in Debian Sid and it did not do it.

Then there is kaidan.im, but it does not yet seem to have support:


Also I read somewhere that KDE Telepathy supports OMEMO via Telepathy, 
however… KDE Telepathy did not appear to have received much development 
activity. I even uninstalled most of it some time ago.

For GTK based clients only dino.im Gajim appear to support it. dino.im 
works, but Gajim spits out a Python traceback when activating OMEMO 

There appear to be at least a dozen of XMPP clients for Linux. But quite 
some of them did not appear to have much development activity recently. 
Including PSI. Most of them seem to lack OMEMO support. And then there 
are new ones like kaidan.im, which are not yet complete.


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