Cleaning up config files

Jerome Yuzyk jerome at
Sun Jan 13 22:47:08 GMT 2019

I have been maintaining my KDE configuration across several Fedora releases, 
since Fedora 18. My /home has always lived on a separate disk from /.

About 9 months ago my /dev/sda died and I replaced it and installed Fedora 28, 
with its KDE 5 configuration.

Over that time my /home/me KDE config files have been moved to different 
directories, distributed among these $HOME directories:

    .config   .kde    .local

Now it's winter, and time to do some system admin, and I'd like to clear out 
the cruft from past KDE incarnations on /home/me.

Before I grunt through the process of comparing .config/.kde/.local files, is 
there a list of what places KDE configs live with KDE5?

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