kdesyscoca during DNF dumps all over konsole window

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Sat Apr 13 19:48:25 BST 2019

>Whenever I run Fedora's DNF package manager, often kdesycoca is triggered, and 

A priori it's triggered by the kded, whenever a change is detected in one of the indexed locations (so it's normal that the triggering happens).

>it dumps stdout/stderr over whatever tab is displayed on the last-opened 
>Konsole window. The dump is dark-grey on light-grey and is overlaid like a 
>'wall' message - it can't be copied, and doesn't always clear with a page-up/
>down in vim, which is usually what it dumps on.

>Anyone ever seen this?

The kded is of course a process that is started when you login, and its output will go *somewhere*. What you are seeing reminds me of how I used to have (maybe still have) 1 konsole window in which output appeared that was sent to (I think) /dev/console. I cannot remember though that it was any different from regular text; maybe that's an option in Konsole nowadays?


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