on linux virtual memory manager (was: Re: disable akonadi)

Martin Steigerwald martin at lichtvoll.de
Mon Sep 3 22:08:19 BST 2018

René J.V. Bertin - 03.09.18, 22:33:
> On Monday September 03 2018 20:16:17 Martin Steigerwald wrote:
> > How would it know which application this would be when mutiple
> > processes allocate a chunk of memory each? If you have a bank and
> > all people want their money back at the same time, how would you
> > decide who will not get their money back?
> First come, first served basis, and something similar for big
> requests, with some kind of floating threshold of what's still
> acceptable as a function of memory stress?

First come, first serve? What do you mean by that?

Anyway: This is an issue kernel developers thought about quite a bit.

> > The first time I learned about this behavior of the Linux kernel I
> > thought: WTF? AFAIR the Solaris kernel does not do that. I am not
> > sure what BSD kernels like the one of FreeBSD or DragonFly BSD do.
> AFAIK the Linux kernel is the only one that has overcommit (at least
> such an extreme version).

Interesting… I wonder how they run Baloo and other processes like that 
on kernels that do not do overcommit.

> > Enough of that. Just in case you like to get rid of baloo file
> > indexer you may like to enable strict overcommit. :)
> I think there are easier ways to do that, like turning desktop search
> off in system-settings ;)

Now that we can agree on :)


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