Try to use Solid with QT 5.11 QML

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I try to follow instructions from KDE Solid web page but after some problem
to build Solid without error return by VS2015. (other guy had same issue on

When I add :

QT += Solid

on my project and run it, I always have error : LNK1181: cannot open input
file 'Files.obj'.

But strangely, without that QT += Solid , I'm able to use Solid in my QML

import org.kde.solid 1.0 as Solid

Other problem,

Using:        Solid.Devices {            id: allDevices
onDeviceAdded: console.log(allDevices.count)
onCountChanged: console.log(allDevices.count)
onDeviceRemoved: console.log(allDevices.count)        }

nothing is returned in console.log...

But with:
        Solid.Devices {            id: allDevices
         Text {            id:number            color:"black"
  text: allDevices.count        }

I got 13 display, after insert usb device, nothing change but after run
again my project, the number go to 15, then allDevices.count is working but
no signal is received.

Why I don't have any signal working with onAdded or CoundChanged or Removed?

Why the error with QT += Solid ?

Kind regards


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