Installing indic (Hindi, Punjabi) etc keyboard layouts

Robert Backhaus robbak at
Mon Nov 26 07:00:21 GMT 2018

Ever since I upgraded from KDE4 to Plasma, the keyboard layouts for indian
languages have been missing when I try to add them. I know this was an
issue before with KDE4, and I had to update my xkb installation - some
versions had these language keyboards removed from xkb. I still have an xkb
version installed that includes these languages, but they are missing from
Plasma's list of keyboard layouts.

I have no idea what needs to be changed, or added, to restore these
layouts. Can anyone give me a suggestion as to how to get them back? Does,
for instance, kde have a bundled copy of xkb somewhere that needs updating?

If it helps, my operating system is FreeBSD, and I am using the 'KDE5'
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