manually reload Dolphin session?

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at
Tue May 8 06:23:10 BST 2018

Bug Reporter posted on Mon, 07 May 2018 18:49:16 -0400 as excerpted:

> I often keep a lot of tabs open in Dolphin and I would like to be able
> to open all those tabs / locations again. I have seen an old feature
> request for Dolphin saved sessions. I'm not asking for that. I just want
> to know if I can do it manually. For example, I see some older session
> files that seem to belong to Dolphin. Here's an example:
> /home/myuser/.config/session/
> Are files like that currently used by Dolphin? If I have one, can I
> reload it into Dolphin?

AFAIK those are your kde/plasma session restoration files, not dolphin 
session files.

In kde/plasma system settings, startup and shutdown category, there's a 
desktop session kcm (kde control module, kcontrol being the old name for 
these modules).  In the on login section, you have three radio-button 
(choose only one) choices, restore the previous session, restore a 
manually saved session, or start with an empty session.

The default is restore the previous session, and these session files are 
the session-manager's method of tracking what's open, with window sizes 
and locations, virtual desktop, activity, etc.

That dolphin file, therefore, is unlikely to contain specific information 
about the dolphin session, but rather, where your dolphin windows were in 
that particular session when you logged out.

> Is there another way to manually reload a prior Dolphin session? I'm
> looking for any way to accomplish this and I don't expect a GUI feature.

I'm /not/ a dolphin expert (I spend much of my time in a CLI and/or use 
the mc/midnight-commander "semi-gui" for admin-hat tasks, and tend to use 
special-purpose apps such as gwenview for images, so don't actually use 
dolphin that much), but I don't know of a GUI method for this, but...

What I'd do here is setup a quick bash script invoking dolphin with all 
the paths I wanted, either this way...

dolphin / &
dolphin /etc &
dolphin /usr/share &

... to open multiple dolphin windows (the ~ puts it in the background so 
the next line executes immediately instead of waiting for the currently 
executing line to finish and that dolphin to close first),


dolphin / /etc /usr/share

... to open all locations as separate tabs in the same dolphin window.

Then if I felt like it I'd assign a hotkey to run that script...

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