VPN kill switch

Alejandro Andreu contact at alejandroandr.eu
Sun May 6 19:00:01 BST 2018

Hi all, 

So within "Connections" in the system settings I've enabled an OpenVPN connection when my wired interface goes online, as well as with my home Wi-Fi SSID and so on. Is it possible to do the following? 

1 - Enable VPN with all connections, no matter what. I connect to a new SSID in a cafe and the VPN link should go up.
2 - If, for any reason, the VPN goes down all outgoing connections are automatically dropped/rejected/whatever. That is, I would like to connect to the Internet only if connected to the VPN (only OpenVPN packets should go out if still not connected to the VPN). 

Thanks in advance!

‚ÄčAlejandro Andreu


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