KDE apps not using system printer settings

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Sun Mar 25 20:00:44 BST 2018

Starting several months ago, all KDE apps (e.g., Kate) no longer use the
system printer settings. For example, in "Kickoff -> Computer -> System
Settings -> Printer Configuration" I have US letter paper size set.
However, Kate and other KDE apps all default to A4 paper size. I can't find
a way to change this default, so I have to manually change paper size every
single time I need to print.

I'm running Arch Linux on several different computers (NUC, laptop, desktop
and more). The problem appears on all systems. All packages, including KDE
are fully up to date with Arch's most recent packages. The problem has
persisted through several updates now. I estimate it has been going on for
at least 3 months.

Whenever I make a change (such as paper size) using "Configure your
printers" in System Settings, I can see the change reflected in the
printer's PPD file in /etc/cups/ppd. However, as I said, Kate and other KDE
apps ignore that value.

Is this a known bug? Is there a work-around?

Thank you.
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