Plasma needs a media player, I suggest Kodi

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Wed Mar 7 15:11:32 GMT 2018

On Wednesday March 07 2018 08:07:29 Rex Dieter wrote:

> > media center I've used on x86 PC. There is a presence of pirates, but
> > that can be changed.


> > What does everyone think?

I don't see how this would be Plasma's domain of competence. Kodi (ex XBMC) is a big piece of external software that doesn't even use (depend on) KDE.

> My $0.02, last I checked, it has a hard dependency on ffmpeg (a legal 
> minefield, media codec patents), which makes it not freely redistributable 
> in many jurisdictions (US in particular)

FFmpeg can be built in 3 different ways, with 2 "free" options where it's covered by GPL2, GPL3.

And it's probably already available on every system that is supposed to be able to make more than just a sysbeep noise; Phonon depends on it too (via libVLC).


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