Dolphin loses UI settings when restarted

J Leslie Turriff jlturriff at
Thu Jun 28 08:49:39 BST 2018

On 2018-06-27 03:24:36 René J.V. Bertin wrote:
> >Is there some KDE wiki site that can be used to document that? Is
> > the right place?
> Presumably, or the forums. Cross your fingers though that this doesn't irk
> someone who feels that KDE look-and-feel should be exclusive to the Plasma
> desktop. I know there's at least 1 dev who already told me he planned to
> take down some comparable backdoor, "just because he could".

	This behaviour is the wonderful thing about the apparent current mindset of 
the KDE developers, that the KDE desktop is no longer something for 
end-users, but just a toy for the edification of its developers.  Continuity?  
Usability?  Bah, who needs that?  Here's some eye-candy instead.

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